Magyar Filozófiai Szemle 2020/4.
Credo ut intelligam or Credo quia absurdum?
Reason and Beyond Reason in Religious Faith

Improper, but Not Illegitimate: Mindreading through the Ages.
Introduction (Gábor Borbély – Gyula Klima)

György Heidl: Faith, Reason and Touch
Gyula Klima: Words and What Is Beyond Words
Joshua P. Hochschild: Thomas Aquinas, Magister Ludi:
The Relation of Medieval Logic and Theology
Gábor Borbély: The Triumph of Renouncement. Religious Signals, the Secrets of the Heart, Error, Deception and Happiness in Thomas Aquinas’s Summa contra Gentiles
Nicolas Faucher: Croyance volontaire et devoir moral chez Pierre de Jean Olivi
Magali Roques: William of Ockham on the Ontology of Social Objects (in His Academic Writings)
György Geréby: The Changeability of the Past: Medieval and Modern.
A Common Theme between Peter Damian and Hans Jonas
Dániel Schmal: Tradition and Novelty in Early Modern Scholasticism:
The Case of Nicolás Martínez and Leonard Lessius


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