Magyar Filozófiai Szemle 2013/4.
The Politics of Aristotle: Reconstructions and interpretations


Jakub Jirsa: To ergon tou anthropou
Péter Lautner: Political φρόνησις
Walter Nicgorski: Cicero on Aristotle and Aristotelians
Iwona Barwicka-Tylek: The Power of Aristotelian Memes: the Polish Example
Kelvin Knight: An Argument within Aristotelianism: Maritain and MacIntyre on the Theory and Practice of Human Rights
Balázs M. Mezei: Yves Simon’s Understanding of Aristotle
Catherine Zuckert: Do “Virtue Ethics” Require “Virtue Politics”?
Ferenc Hörcher: Is a Contemporary Conservative Political Philosophy Based on the Aristotelian Concept of Phronesis Possible?



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