Magyar Filozófiai Szemle 2020/1.
Self, Narrativity, Emotions


Csaba Pléh: Narrative Identity in its Crises in Modern Literature
Gábor Boros: First Phase of the Narrative Theory of Personal Identity: Wilhelm Dilthey, and Georg Misch
Tim Thornton: Narrative Identity and Dementia
Gergely Ambrus: The Identity of Persons: Narrative Constitution or Psychological Continuity?
Judit Szalai: The ‘Reasons of Love’ Debate in Analytic Philosophy: Reasons, Narratives, and Biology
David Weberman: What is an Existential Emotion?
Lore Hühn: Com-passion: On the Foundations of Moral Philosophy for J. J. Rousseau and Arthur Schopenhauer
Hye Young Kim: An Existentialist Analysis of Forgiveness and Gratitude
James Cartlidge: Heidegger’s Philosophical Anthropology of Moods
Philippe Cabestan: Bad Faith versus Unconscious: a Credible Alternative?
Csaba Olay: Alienation
Philipp Höfele: New Technologies and the “Heuristics of Fear”:
The Meaning and Prehistory of an Emotion in Jonas, Heidegger and Hegel


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