Magyar Filozófiai Szemle 2012/4.
Current Issues in Metaphysics

Gábor Bács – János Tőzsér: Works of Art from the Philosophically Innocent
Point of View Katt a cikkhez
Thomas M. Crisp: Temporal Passage: A Shape-Dynamic Account Katt a cikkhez
Ferenc Huoranszki: Powers, Dispositions, and Counterfactual Conditionals Katt a cikkhez
Howard Robinson: “Are There Any Fs?”: How We Should Understand This Question Katt a cikkhezPeter van Inwagen: “Who Sees Not that All the Dispute is About a Word?”: Some Thoughts on Bennett’s “Proxy ‘Actualism’” Katt a cikkhez
Zsófia Zvolenszky: Against Sainsbury’s Irrealism about Fictional Characters: Harry Potter as an Abstract Artifact Katt a cikkhez

Contributors Katt a cikkhez

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